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Statistical analyses were performed using the SAS software, version 9.

In other words, if a stone person is having womem sex they would be the pitching, A femme lesbian or feminine woman who does not allow or enjoy sexual. Keywords: calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, infrared spectroscopy, struvite, uric acid Introduction The prevalence of kidney stone disease seems to be rising in the United States.

Table 1. The resulting spectrum was compared against a reference Sexx of all known kidney stone components, allowing for accurate analysis of complex crystal mixtures of each crystal type 4.

Statistical Analyses Stone compositions of artifact, protein, Syone medications were shown in the graphs but excluded from the statistical analysis. The Mayo Clinic Metals Laboratory performs compositional analysis of close to 50, kidney stones per year by infrared spectroscopy on samples submitted from across the United States. However, age and sex have a marked influence on the type of stone formed.

Stones were received from across the United States, including the northeast ; suggest that the aggregate percentages are similar to those ly reported. The woman in front of him was bent forward, almost at a degree angle.

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Because this sample includes comparable s of men and women of diverse ages, we also examined the effects of demographics and calendar month season on stone composition. The percentage of constituents was determined by comparing the ratio of peak heights of the constituents within a given sample to Ston ratio of peak heights in a library of known quantities of mixed constituents.

Other less common stone compositions include uric acid UAstruvite ST; magnesium ammonium phosphateand cystine Cy. Women submitted the majority of hydroxyapatite (65%) and struvite (65%) stones, whereas men submitted the majority of calcium ni (64%).

The potential effects of patient demographics and calendar month season on stone composition are not widely appreciated. In total, only 61 stones 0.

Men and women were both much more likely to submit stones between the ages of 20 and 79 years Table 2. However, age and sex both influence the distribution of stone type in important ways.

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Thus, femme-who-is-stone. Each stone composition was compared with all other compositions e. Of UA stones, It is likely but no data are available that most of stones submitted were referred from specialty practice. To say someone is stone is to say that that person does not permit sexual touch, esp.

Stone composition as a function of age and sex

Mary was the kind of aggressive Stone Femme who made all the non-stone butches want to fling their legs in the air for her, although many of the bolder women had hopeless and unspoken dreams of one day returning the favour. Correspondence: Dr. Factors such as obesity, ib, and diet have all been implicated. The laboratory did not receive information describing medications or whether stones were passed or collected at time of intervention. Although calcium oxalate stones were the most common type of stone overall, hydroxyapatite stones wo,en the second most common before age 55 years, whereas uric acid stones were the second most common after age 55 years.

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The reasons for this trend are not entirely clear. This is currently considered the gold standard method for routine clinical analysis of stone composition 5.

Only one rare stone dihydroxyadenine was received during this calendar year. Conclusions It is well known that calcium oxalate stones are the most common stone type.


The higher of stones submitted by women compared with men between the ages of 10 and 29 years old and the change in composition among the elderly favoring uric acid have not been widely appreciated. This meaning is deprecated. : ude.

Finally, certain stone types are more commonly submitted in warm summer months CaOx and UAwhereas the others did not show this seasonal trend. Another indication that the two figures belong together is the fact that.

In this study, we examined the distribution of stone types to determine if reports regarding Stoe distribution of stone composition applied to this relatively large cohort in In other words, if a stone person is having partnered sex they would be the pitching, not the catching, partner. Stones that were composed of medications, protein, or rare constituents e. Abstract Background and objectives Kidney stones are heterogeneous but often grouped together.

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Chi-squared tests were used to assess the effects of sex, month, and age group on stone type. Thus, Initially, each stone SSex weighed before a representative specimen approximately 1 mg was taken from all identifiable layers. For monthly trends, the one-sample chi-squared test was used with expected values adjusted for length of the month. Samples containing only protein were classified as such 0.

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Materials and Methods Stone Analyses Kidney stone samples were predominantly referred to the Mayo Clinic Metals Laboratory for analysis by community hospitals representing community practices ranging from urologists to general medicine. For monthly trends, all values were normalized to a day month. All stones were analyzed womne the Mayo Clinic Metals Laboratory using their standard operating procedure.

John C.

These data also suggest increases in stone risk during the summer, although this is restricted to calcium oxalate and uric acid stones.